changing self & society
changing self & society
one shift at a time
one shift at a time
for bridgebuilders & edgeworkers
for bridgebuilders & edgeworkers

Welcome to SH!FT

Sh!ft is an organisation for real life learning journeys and awareness based (collective) action. We support individuals, teams and communities stepping into the unknown and navigating the liminal space of no-longer-here and not-there-yet.

projects & programs

We believe it’s possible to create a sustainable and resilient society in which individuals, communities and the world are thriving. 
Find here the current offers and possibilities to shift.

STARTING 11th OF JUN – 4 session seminar where we learn how to heal our own trauma and help others heal their trauma through Process Oriented Psychology techniques.
Grensverleggers is a process on local development, that gives youth social and personal skills to make a positive contribution in a polarizing world. Next round starting october 2021…
Consulting and coaching
“How do we give shape to leadership – whose leaders are a new generation of young leaders able to facilitate tensions, opportunities and possibilities; crossing edges between different worlds…
Monthly online community space for participants of Healing Histories seminars and workshops to share learnings and practice skills, supported by SH!FT facilitators. Find it on our learning platform.
‘How do we give shape to leadership whose leaders are able to facilitate tensions, opportunities, and cross edges between different worlds now and in the future?’ This our guiding question
“How can we support communities increasing their resilience and ability to thrive together by uniting the power of collective dreaming, inter-action and processing challenges we meet?”
“How can we support your ability to deliver innovative and outstanding service to your clients and team in a fluctuating global reality?” That’s the question that guides us in designing and …
On our platform we design, facilitate and offer online and blended learning offers for organizations, communities, professionals and societal actors looking for deep transformational shifts….

To navigate the world’s complexity and challenges we face on global, inter-local level, we need different psychological, social and emotional approaches and skill-sets towards inter-relational action on personal, community and world level.

SH!FTING the story

We believe the most powerful learning experiences happen in societal contexts where we can learn how personal, group,
organizational and societal changes are interconnected. Read here about SH!FT experiences on our blog.

4 ways to deal with conflicts differently – healing history in action #2 to #5
SH!FTcast – what is deep democracy?
Go Deep case study: How can we be together in diversity and go beyond ‘toleration of the others’
Bohol case study: How can one use conflict and economic hardship as a catalyst for an emergent economy based on community resilience
Learning to navigate an uncertain and inflammable world — Healing history in action #1

learning platform

We design and facilitate online, offline and blended learning offers for organizations, communities, professionals and societal actors looking for deep transformational shifts.