Don’t Worry Be You is a European project of Erasmus+ that seeks to foster youth and community wellbeing, to empower young people to work on their own well-being, in community with other young people.
With support of Erasmus+ strategic partnership program and 5 great European SH!FT-partners we will co-create, test and implement various new tools with youngsters and youthworkers to deal with well-being challenges that have arisen more strongly during the pandemic.

Well-being of young people at the centre
The Don’t Worry Be You project seeks to foster youth and community wellbeing, to empower young people to dive into self-exploration studies, to reconnect to themselves, their communities, and to the outer world, develop resilience skills and mobilize their communities with innovative, appealing and challenging/game-based measures to foster wellbeing both on the individual and the collective level. The project is based on a holistic learning model that combines a mindfulness program with embodiment practices, community initiatives and advocacy work, and thus targets all three human dimensions – the intellectual, physical and spiritual.

The project has kicked off officially january 2022 with a great online kick-off with all involved professionals and soon we’ll meet in Berlin to start developing the curriculum and content. While the project is getting started and our managers are hard at work setting the project up, we would like to share some resources that inspire the DWBY team when it comes to mental health: 
🔵 Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl
🔵 The Body Keeps the Score by  Bessel van der Kolk 
🔵 The Teenage Brain by Dan Siegel (google for this great video)
🔵 The And: Relationships Card Game by The Skin Deep

Stay tuned via SH!FT updates and channels.