The Don’t Worry, Be You is a project funded by Erasmus+ that was developed as a response to the adverse effects that global Covid-19 pandemic and other events of global magnitude have had on young people, such as increased sense of isolation, a lack of purpose, anxiety and loneliness. Thus, with this project we aim to empower young people to reconnect with themselves, their communities and the outer world and to foster their resilience and well being both on the individual and collective level for a happier and more fulfilled life.

The expression Don’t Worry, Be You didn’t come from nowhere. What gathered our team of youth workers, project managers and NGO leaders was the fact that all of us, together with the young people we work with, deal with a lot of stress, responsibilities and deadlines. In some ways we all experience exhaustion, we joggle with too many balls at the same time and feel lost in life more often than we would like to admit. All of these challenges brought our team of partners together and we dedicated three years to develop tools that can support young people and their mentors and educators to

It is time that mental health is invited into the room! And this includes:

We offer you various instruments and you can pick the one that serves you the best. Mix and match, the secret is in your own creativity. In our offer you can find:

This program is executed by project manager Niels Koldewijn of FairGround in collaboration with partners of Don’t Worry Be You. Created materials are available and can be downloaded on under creative common license.