Learning to navigate an uncertain and inflammable world — Healing history in action #1

We are living a time where history is written every day. How we navigate out of the COVID and consequential crises depends on how we deal with the emergent challenges. After the challenges isolation already brought up, the slow societal re-opening phase is bringing up new questions on personal-, relationship- and societal level. How do we navigate a world that’s full of uncertainties and points of tension?

In our previous blog on healing history we wrote about the importance of awareness in dealing with what’s coming up from under the surface. Whether you’re still in isolation or in re-opening mode, many of us are constantly confronted with new challenges, experiences and questions. It’s not only a health and economic crisis, it’s also a crisis of uncertainty: how do we work with sudden emergent new realities for which we do not have any previous experiences, nor clearly defined paths? What was known and regarded to be normal, cannot be taken for granted anymore….

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