Creating a sustainable & resilient society

At SH!FT, we  believe it’s possible to create a sustainable and resilient society in which individuals, communities and the world are thriving. 

SH!FT Foundation designs, implements and facilitates real life
learning journeys and awareness based (collective) action. Through
participatory, non-formal, learn-by-doing experiences and coaching,
participants are immersed in unique experiential learning environments
which impart vital skills for leadership needed in all levels of

We enhance individuals, teams and communities ability to step into
unknown and/or complex situations that are simultaneously unpredictable
or ambiguous with confidence and resiliency.

Our Why

To navigate the world’s complexity and challenges we face on global,
inter-local level, we need different approaches and skill-sets which
move us towards inter-relational action on personal, community and world
levels and a growing awareness of interconnectedness. The current
dominant paradigm of separation & fragmentation is becoming
unsustainable. The idea that we can operate as individuals, separate
from nature, our inner worlds, each other, our communities, is an
illusion; inherently unsustainable and about to expire on every level.

At SH!FT, we believe it’s possible to create a sustainable and
resilient societies in which individuals, communities and the world are
thriving in the face of the volatile circumstances.

SH!FT works to challenge and transform perceptions and systems
significantly, using our unique practices to acknowledge our deep
interconnectedness in every aspect in life and embrace the lifelong work
of anchoring each act in humanity for social justice. For this reason
we believe that 100% of our work and clients contracts are rooted in the
three pillars of Integrity Leadership; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
for Belonging.

Co-creating action from a collective understanding

Our real-life learning and awareness based (collective) action
practices, such as Deep Democracy, Process Work, Art of Hosting, Go Deep
and the many others we employ, are grounded in leadership which
provides a platform for all to engage, be valued and celebrated for the
uniqueness that enlivens the communities they inhabit; be it family,
work, neighbourhood or nation.

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