Seminar on November 20th – 19.00 – 22.00 CET
Healing History conferences and World Work seminars take place all over the world. In this online series senior teacher Gary Reiss, supported by the SH!FT team and advance ProcessWork students, will bring his experience of working with trauma and conflict resolution to international participants from a variety of communities across the world.

What is Healing histories
History is always present. Many of our most chronic body symptoms, emotional problems, relationship and world issues keep cycling over and over again, because we are not working with the ghosts of history that keep fueling these old patterns. Many of the problems we face aren’t just personal, but are also leftover pieces of our psychological inheritances. To a large degree, the future of humanity depends on our developing and implementing tools to break the repetitive cycle of unprocessed history.

What is Process Work?
An off-shoot of Jungian analytic psychotherapy, Process Work is an awareness practice that incorporates physical, interpersonal, and world healing. Its methods are applied in a wide range of situations: as a form of inner work or self-therapy; a facilitation method for group work, conflict situations and large public forums; as a therapy method for individuals, couples, and families; mental health issues such as addictions, depression, anxiety and panic disorders; working with chronic symptoms; and death and dying, grieving and loss.