Gateway Zimbabwe and Go Deep

Guiding question: How can we create a culture of regeneration and rebuild trust in our society from bottom up?

Context: SH!FT is a partner of the Gateway Zimbabwe program. In 2019, in Zimbabwe, we facilitated a process of reconstructing relations in a country re-inventing itself economically, socially and environmentally.

What happened: Within the Gateway program, three national partners join the formal and informal leaders of 6 affected regions of the country, enabling them to be leaders in the reconstruction of the country’s future. SH! FT offered two programs using the Go Deep Game and other facilitation tools that involved. The first kick off Go Deep program took place in Epworth, Harare, gathering key-community leaders, the facilitation team of the Kufunda village and local villagers.

With that team we were invited to co-host another training in Chicunga in the fall of 2019 gathering the Magada leaders and leaders from 5 other regions to have a Go Deep learning experience, empowering to replicate that work in their own region. Both week long learning journeys resulted in:

  • Creation of a group of facilitators of dialogues and construction of community projects in 6 macro regions
  • Training of 40 local and government leaders in cooperation methodologies
  • Creation of 6 community reconstruction projects (including

What shifted 

With this program, SH! FT gave a strong boost to building the network and relationships of the Gateway Zimbabwe that replicated the work in 6 areas of the country at this time. 

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