Our Organisation

SH!FT Constellation

SH!FT is a constellation of members, volunteers, and experts who contribute to making the shifts in humanity and society. We do not have employees, rather a collection of experts and allies in partnership or working in the core. The core is responsible for the administration and direction of the organisation in concert with the board.

Our constellation is as follows:

SH!FT Pilots – Those who navigate the course of SH!FT. This core team embodies the primary decision-making team, which have invested personal resources for the development of SH!FT. This includes our directors, core team members and committed crew.

SH!FT Angels – Those who invest in the advancement of the ideals, goals and visions of SH!FT with their guidance, time and/or resources. They are our Board Members and Investors.

SH!FT Allies – We have shared ideals and significantly overlapping goals and/or visions; coupled with a mutually vested interest in the advancement of our organisations through partnership agreements. These are our trusted partners,  co-facilitators and subcontractors.

SH!FT Colleagues – Associated with the shared ideals of SH!FT and happy to collaborate on specific projects or serve in an adjunct capacity. These are our co-creative associates.

SH!FT Inspired – Those who are curious about the ideals of SH!FT and open to exploring the concepts in the larger community. This is our wider network.

SH!FT Pilots - Our Core Team Leaders


Lana Jelenjev


Niels Koldewijn


Alycia Lee

SH!FT Angels - Our Board Members

On this mission the foundation and its’ team are overseen by our board members:

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