Resources that support your shift

Out of our various experiences in working with transformation SH!FT is constantly creating new content, tools and knowledge that helps us to navigate the challenges we face and facilitate shifts towards a more sustainable and inclusive society.  

Access to resources is fundamental to give a wider access to the tools we need for change. Here we will frequently update materials that you can use for your shift. 

Free resources

Podcasts, exercises and content

Out of several SH!FT courses and work we offer here a selection of materials and content that you can access freely.  One of the channels is our online learning platform which includes a free resource section. 

This section will be frequently updated with new resources, downloads and media that you can use and share freely. 

Downloadable facilitation tools

SH!FT has co-created and has previously used various methodologies that are freely downloadable under a creative commons license. You can access them for your own use, for trying out the tools and to spread the underlying principles and values through application. For all the tools it is recommended to have prior experience in the methodology through a learning journey. If you want to be trained in the professional facilitation, please get in touch. You can get acces here to tools for community building via the Oasis Game, community transformation and working with conflict with Go Deep and community entrepreneurship with the CEAL materials.

Paid resources

Community builder toolbox

Crafted by Ghost Company, supported by SH!FT’s Lana Jelenjev, this community builder toolbox is guaranteed to make you think, work and connect. 

Practical toolbox for starting and developing a community. More than 40 different tools to help you understand WHO your community members are and what they need from the community. Also to clarify WHY your community exists and HOW to make the best out of it.

Go Deep emergency cards

Go Deep is a process guided by a game that can be run by anyone interested in the future of a community.

Part of the facilitation materials includes the emergency cards that can also be ordered and used separately for facilitation of group dynamics of any kind. Do you feel your getting stuck in conversations, the tension is rising and it’s time to switch to a different interaction?

The emergency cards offer a set of 30 cards in three categories that invites the group for a creative intervention that will help you cross the emergency at hand. 

Get in touch for the limited amount of printed sets that can be send to you by mail. 

Check other SH!FT projects & programs

Don’t Worry Be You is a European project of Erasmus+ that seeks to foster youth and community wellbeing, to empower young people to work on their own well-being, in community with other young people.
Grensverleggers is a process MDT program that gives youth social and personal skills to make a positive contribution in a polarizing world. Next round starting March 2022…
Consulting and coaching
“How do we give shape to leadership – whose leaders are a new generation of young leaders able to facilitate tensions, opportunities and possibilities; crossing edges between different worlds…
Monthly online community space for participants of Healing Histories seminars and workshops to share learnings and practice skills, supported by SH!FT facilitators. Find it on our learning platform.