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Stages of SH!FT Development

Our Learning Journeys and Theory of Change work through four elements of specialised LeaderSH!FT development. Although each stage of our program will spiral through all the elements multiple times, we have identified four key areas of specialised wisdom to develop holistic leadership and equip participants within inter and intra-local communities of integration (practice).



Often not knowing where to start can seem overwhelming when facing challenges beyond familiar borders. As organisations initiate processes for questioning social standards and systemic practices, disruptions surface within the current systems.   SH!FT Foundation’s four stages of LeaderSH!FT Development serve as a roadmap navigating for emerging tensions while closing the gap between the current reality and a desired future anchored in personal and collective values and intentions.



This stage focuses on re-examining and dismantling institutionalised and systemic norms and practices. Initial content and interactive sessions provide foundational information and language to frame stressors to gain greater clarity and de-attachment needed to see and seek other side/alternative viewpoints.



This stage focuses on reclaiming life in areas of inequity and exclusion. Our guided participatory learning and exploration platforms provide new tools, skills, and experiences, which expands capacities for understanding and addressing trauma, othering, & injustice.



This stage focuses on re-grounding, discovering, and crafting new paradigms through practice and re-evaluation. Local & international communities of practice host courageous conversations where participants exercise their agency to create safe spaces to recognise and process conflicts in the workplace and beyond.


Exercising leadership which activates collective movement towards a resilient & equitable society.  Local initiatives offer real life learning and awareness-based collective action to formulate, implement, and modify inclusive practices based in consent and contribution.


The content of our work is strongly inspired by Arnold & Amy Mindell’s Process Work, Greg & Myrna Lewis’ Deep Democracy, Instituto Elos’ Oasis Game, Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, Constellation work, Regenerative Leadership and our own Go Deep Game, which we co-developed in the last 4 years.
And we are building on our own founding teams’ diverse experiences of facilitating paradigm shifts, all around the world, in projects full of uncertainties. We recognize the words of Charles Eisenstein that we need to go from a paradigm of separation to one of inter-being, our understanding is that a lot of people are looking for HOW to do that.

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