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Sustained learning is most effective when it combines four components: relevant content; reflective and interactive learning; practice of trial and error to produce mastery; and immersive experience. Our programs help participants understand their current perspective, determine personal and collective aims rooted in personal values regarding DEI, dismantle obstacles, beliefs and actions which impede reaching those goals, learning and practicing new skills within a supportive cohort and the integration of new practices in their work and personal environments.

Our complete programs are designed to help participants embrace an expanding spiral journey since learning is not finite, but a never ending process, that with each revolution upwards brings greater insight and mastery. We expect disharmony and rejection, evidence that personal borders are being tested, broken and crossed to seek new perspectives to be assimilated into their worldview and behaviours. Challenges and failure are expected and reframed as welcomed harbingers of growth, opportunities and improvement.

Our approach is based on the premise that sustained organisational change requires four major components:

  1. Compelling vision and commitment of upper management in which the entire organisation has a sense of ownership and autonomy to achieve
  2. Individual and collective value and strength-based drivers must be linked to the desired DEI outcomes, metrics, and organisational vision and strategies.
  3. Co-create, prioritise and invest in creating a coherent narrative and programs which connect with participants/employees and helps drive sustainable change.
  4. Contextualise learning throughout the organisations and communities through cross-sector collaborations and adapting learning to varying geographic and socio-cultural contexts for maximum impact.
The content of our work is strongly inspired by Arnold & Amy Mindell’s Process Work, Greg & Myrna Lewis’ Deep Democracy, Instituto Elos’ Oasis Game, Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, Constellation work, Regenerative Leadership and our own Go Deep Game, which we co-developed in the last 4 years.

And we are building on our own founding teams’ diverse experiences of facilitating paradigm shifts, all around the world, in projects full of uncertainties. We recognise the words of Charles Eisenstein that we need to go from a paradigm of separation to one of inter-being, our understanding is that a lot of people are looking for HOW to do that.

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