Healing Histories

Introduction to Healing histories & Process work

Living in times of great stress and conflict means we are often flooded with so much of our own, our families, and our people’s hurt that we can’t process it, digest it, move it through us. Instead we go into symptoms of trauma and post traumatic stress. In this seminar we have an opportunity to learn how to heal our own trauma and help others heal their trauma through the latest techniques and approaches from Process oriented Psychology. This seminar is for anyone working on their own trauma healing plus doctors, teachers, therapists, counselors, and other healing professionals who comes into the role of healing trauma.

Online seminar

A normal seminar would run 2,5 days over the course of a weekend. Due to the pandemic we host this seminar online over 4 sessions running on wednesdays starring 10th of February 2021. Four sessions of three hours will be held on 10th, 17th and 24th of february, closing on 3rd of March. This seminar can be taken alone or part of a series of seminars that leads to a certification from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon

Is this seminar for me? 

This is a specific training for human rights, peace, and political activists, facilitators, organizational development practitioners, psychotherapists and other interested people worldwide. The training is open to everybody interested wanting to integrate this approach in their professional field and / or use it for personal development. This seminar includes:

• Healing personal trauma

• Healing historical trauma

• Working with the role of trauma in body symptoms

• Moving from trauma victim to empowered world changer

• Exploring new concepts of core wounding and mythical powers

Besides exercises and various contents, we will work actively in the group of participants with traumas and historical topics. Be prepared to go deep together.

Process Work and certification

An off-shoot of Jungian analytic psychotherapy, Process Work is an awareness practice that incorporates  physical, interpersonal, and world healing. Its methods are applied in a wide range of situations: as a form of inner work or self-therapy; a facilitation method for group work, conflict situations and large public forums; as a therapy method for individuals, couples, and families; mental health issues such as addictions, depression, anxiety and panic disorders; working with chronic symptoms; and death and dying, grieving and loss.

This is the first of 6 seminars, which are part of a two year certification track. You will receive a certificate for each seminar individually, but have the option of going deeper into a full certification track. Find out more here: http://shift-foundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/HH_Certificate_program.pdf


Dr. Gary Reiss, LCSW, PhD, certified Process Work trainer, teaches this work worldwide. He has a private practice in Eugene and Portland Oregon in the US and is the director of the International Peace Group that works on Healing History in Europe, the Mid East, Japan, Africa, the United States, Canada and other countries. He is a senior faculty member of the Process Work Institute. He is the author of 13 books including Healing History, published in 2018.

Gary has a private practice in Oregon and teaches worldwide. His specialties include family therapy, organizational development and conflict facilitation in hot spots around the world. This program is co-hosted by SH!FT foundation, learning institute for personal and societal transformation.

Costs workshop

Full price: €350,- for the workshop. 

Support price: €225,- for the workshop 

Get in touch for scholarships via connect@shift-foundation.org

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