GoToDivers is a project developed for and supported by the European Commission under the Justice Programme & Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program. The priority of the call is diversity in Europe –  a core element of Go Deep, a process-oriented community tool. Go Deep gathers diverse groups of people on a community level in various regions of Europe, hosted by social professionals and citizens, after a capacity building training.

In 2018 and 2019 we hosted Go Deep projects in communities in 4 countries working with local communities, imigrants and refugees, deepening relationships of inclusion. 

Learnings and insights were shared through an online and offline campaign, providing support guidelines related to development in the context of adversity and diversity for Europeans.

Through the use of game, we surpass language-barriers and use joint action as a provocation to connect more profoundly, open up to the richness of diversity, and increase understanding in each other’s culture and identity. Through community action (core-elements of the game), the target group experiences an environment of equality (gender equality, equity considering other factors such as socioeconomic, etc.) and connection with their own possibilities and richness of diversity. Joint action creates a new relationship, balancing the understanding of each others’ value, giving minorities a stronger position in a majority contexts and more confidence and understanding to exercise their rights, therewith gaining strength to individually and collectively combat racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance.

One central contribution is to demonstrate how we gain through diversity on a community-level and that collective actions involving intergroup collaborations can achieve sustainable change in the quality and number of relationship between individual from different groups and within groups themselves. The project not only trains professionals to replicate the Go Deep game and share intensively stories of change, but will also give a researched guideline of a process that can support many Europeans on how to work better with diversity.

Under Gotodiverse local programs have run in
– Athens (Greece) 
– Edinburgh (Scotland)
– Grotagglie (Italy)
– Madrid (Spain) 

The foundation hosted the Go Deep Open House Festival and the Go Deep & Go Beyond campaign. Check out more about what shifted in our stories section

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