Community SH!FT

Increasing resilience and thrivability within communities

“How can we support communities increasing their resilience and ability to thrive together by uniting the power of collective dreaming, inter-action and processing challenges we meet?” That’s the burning question that guides the processes & programs that we design and offer to support Community Sh!fts.

The Sh!ft Foundation and team offers experiential learning programs/journeys built on awareness based collective action. We aim to support shifts in society and self. In contexts where the need for fundamental different ways of living or working together is recognized. But the question of ‘how to’ (act/navigate)’ is unanswered.



Are you a bridge builder or somebody working on the edge of different worldviews? Are you looking to become more skilled to build community and navigate challenges? 

Our experiential trainings will offer you tools that you can immediately apply within a learning community during instruction. Learning by doing. 

Join a Community Sh!ft program: 

  • Go Deep training 
  • Healing Histories

During our experiential trainings you’ll grow your competences to support and guide your organisation and community through the complexity of ambiguous or charged circumstances

Interested in creating a Sh!ft in your community? Get in touch about possibilities for tailor made programs 

Current offers

Don’t Worry Be You is a European project of Erasmus+ that seeks to foster youth and community wellbeing, to empower young people to work on their own well-being, in community with other young people.
Grensverleggers is a process MDT program that gives youth social and personal skills to make a positive contribution in a polarizing world. Next round starting March 2024…
‘‍Humanity ‍Worx ‍is ‍committed ‍to ‍providing ‍relevant ‍and ‍meaningful ‍methodologies ‍which ‍position ‍you ‍and ‍your ‍organisation ‍to ‍become ‍a ‍leader ‍as ‍an ‍ethical ‍and ‍conscious ‍employ