Business SH!FT

Innovating while transforming and inhabiting unchartered opportunities

“How can we support your ability to deliver innovative and outstanding service to your clients and team in a fluctuating global reality?” That’s the question that guides us in designing and delivering Business Sh!fts. 

Sh!ft offers tailor-made workshop or coaching series for your team members: 

starting with awareness-based practices to indicate blind sports and hidden bottlenecks; novel approaches for governance and decision making; learning journeys for CSR and community engagement; to process work and design thinking to discover new ways of understanding and navigating current challenges to uncover unforeseen opportunities to operationalise.


The Sh!ft Foundation and team offers experiential learning programs built on awareness based collective action. We aim to support shifts in society and self. In contexts where the need for fundamental different ways of living or working together is recognised. But the question ‘how to’ navigate or act, is unanswered. 

Current offers

STARTING 11th OF JUN – 4 session seminar where we learn how to heal our own trauma and help others heal their trauma through Process Oriented Psychology techniques.
Grensverleggers is a process MDT program that gives youth social and personal skills to make a positive contribution in a polarizing world. Next round starting March 2022…
Consulting and coaching
“How do we give shape to leadership – whose leaders are a new generation of young leaders able to facilitate tensions, opportunities and possibilities; crossing edges between different worlds…