Burning Questions

What are the deeper questions that you hold?

To navigate the world’s complexity and challenges we face on global, inter-local level, we need different psychological, social and emotional approaches and skill-sets towards inter-action on personal, community and world level.

The SH!FT Foundation offers experiential learning programs in contexts where chaos and disruption are our teachers and we facilitate transitions towards a new way of living and working. In our work, partnerships and collaborations we are driven by our burning questions.

These here are some of ours. What question is driving your work? 

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STARTING 11th OF JUN – 4 session seminar where we learn how to heal our own trauma and help others heal their trauma through Process Oriented Psychology techniques.
Grensverleggers is a process MDT program that gives youth social and personal skills to make a positive contribution in a polarizing world. Next round starting March 2022…
Consulting and coaching
“How do we give shape to leadership – whose leaders are a new generation of young leaders able to facilitate tensions, opportunities and possibilities; crossing edges between different worlds…
Monthly online community space for participants of Healing Histories seminars and workshops to share learnings and practice skills, supported by SH!FT facilitators. Find it on our learning platform.